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Fall Roundup!

Happy fall y’all! It’s my finally my favorite season!

I decided to share some of the things I feel like I’ll be wearing all season long!

Here’s my first fall themed outfit I’ve worn this year! I was so excited to break out my vest for our school’s annual Fall Fest. I had actually received the artist tee from J. Crew Factory in the mail that morning.

I got my vest from Banana Republic Factory in August and it isn’t on their website anymore! Here’s a similar one in more of a red from Old Navy: Garnet Vest. My first vest was the Frost Free one in black from Old Navy and I recommend that one if you’re looking for something a little warmer.

I tried on the short sleeve artist tee from J. Crew Factory during my roomie and I’s annual trip to the outlets and I knew once they started putting out the long sleeves I would need one for fall! I ordered mine in Rose Gold and I’m already obsessed. Here’s the link: Rose Gold Artist. AND you get an extra 15% off for being a college student!

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 11.38.20 AM.png

Something else that came in the mail yesterday morning was my first J. Crew vest! I’ve been eyeing this one for  awhile now and I’m so excited I finally got it.

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 11.49.38 AM

Camp Socks and Duck Boots!

Duck boots are a fall staple in New England! My mom got them for me two years ago for Christmas, she ordered them in November and they did not come until February! In the picture above I’m actually wearing tall socks from Banana Republic Factory but my favorite to wear are the Camp Socks from J. Crew because they keep you warm and look cute! I just ordered these maroon ones and I also have them in marine blue. The vest pictured above is my mom’s and it’s also a Frost Free one from Old Navy.

My sweater in this picture is from Banana Republic Factory and it is one of my favorites because it has little metallic details up close. I also have the same style in black and I’m hoping to get another maroon one this season as I think I’ve started to wear it out.

My favorite color to wear this time of year is maroon! My high school and college colors are maroon so I’ve always been wearing maroon but it is such a great color when the leaves turn in New England. That’s about it for this post but I’m looking forward to posting more outfit details as the leaves start changing.




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My Favorite Dresses!


I am officially in! I also wanted to include the link for my Dressember page on here incase you want to donate to my page! Last year Dressember raised 1.5 million dollars to be donated to three of their partners. Registration opened October 1st and as of October 25th they have already raised $20,000! Just $200 can help a survivor with job training or therapy. You can donate to my page here!

Continue reading my original post below:


So I recently learned about Dressember from an Instagram story by Starfish Project and I’ve been seriously considering trying it out this year. So if you are like me and this is your first time hearing about Dressember let me clarify, Dressember is a month long movement where you wear a dress every day of December 😉 It’s much more than wearing a dress for 31 days though… you are making a statement that says dresses and the women who wear them are powerful. To read more about the statistics check out their website here.

I still have not decided if I want to step up to the challenge but I am seriously considering it. The only thing holding me back is that Tuesdays-Thursdays I have dance classes, exercise physiology lab, and/or work. Although I’m already changing in and out of clothes all day so why not just make it a dress? I’m still contemplating but I am strongly leaning toward doing it.

In honor of this I decided to make a post of a list of my favorite dresses! All but one of them are summery so I’ll need you guys to drop some ideas in the comments to help me get through a Massachusetts December in nothing but dresses.

First off Halloween dresses:


2014: Elsa! There was a blizzard later that year so of course I had to take advantage of the snow piles being the perfect backdrop.

2015: Audrey! Classic style icon and I already had the dress in my closet.

2016: Flapper! If you haven’t realized it yet Gatsby is one of my favorite movies (tied with Titanic and the Departed) and I think flappers are so fun.

Up next we have Lilly:


I have way to many to chose favorites but I absolutely love my giraffe shift (white tag). I always get so many compliments on it. Next to that I have a January 2017 APS dress. I’m a big fan of blues and I just had to add this to my collection. And last my graduation dress. I found this (and the giraffe shift) at a consignment store my senior year of high school and bought them both and a third Lilly dress for half the price of a regular dress! I just got the pink and white Tusk in Sun headband and you can’t really see it but I love pairing it with my white Lilly .



And here are my blues! The first is from Old Navy and has the cutest neckline. Then in the middle we have a Banana Republic Factory Store dress which has little gold buttons on the shoulder. And last but not least we have a Lauren James dress!

Bright and Sunny:



I found this cute orange dress at Kohl’s when I was a junior in high school and I still wear it all the time! And this yellow J. Crew dress was also a consignment store deal!

Fun Patterns:



Both of these dresses were nautical consignment store finds. The first is a J. Crew shell pattern dress and the second is a fun dress with ropes, anchors, compasses, and life rings.



This was my senior semi formal dress and I wish I could wear it every day.

Fall/Winter Inspired:IMG_3344

Here’s the only one I could get away with for Dressember! Either I don’t wear enough dresses in the winter or I do not take as many pictures. One of my favorite colors is maroon so I love any excuse to wear my maroon scarf.



Here is a cute cookie shaped dress just for fun! Check out my Instagram (sunflowersandseersucker) to see where it’s from!




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My Room!

Hi friends!

I haven’t been posting too much because although this was our first full week of classes, I’ve had a ton of things going on this past week. I’m hoping now that the craziness has died down I could do one/two posts a week. Drop any suggestions for my next post in the comments.

I still haven’t finished completely decorating my room but now that it is mostly done I figured I would share it with you guys!


I have gotten a different bed spread all three years I have been in college but this is by far my favorite! I chose to go for more of a simple look so I could add a bunch of fun pillows. My favorite being Orange Bird from Sunshine Tree Terrace at Disney World!

Here’s my desk! This year my desk is just a table with drawers underneath so I went out to the Christmas Tree Shop and bought a bookshelf to lay on top. My favorite thing about my desk is this jewelry tree that helps me keep all my necklaces untangled.


Last but not least are two pictures from Sparkle Studio Design Co that I’m going to be hanging above my bed. I still can’t believe I ran out of command hooks!

And here’s my favorite part of my room:

I’m a huge fan of fairy lights and I love the feel of my room with them on!


Until next time,



How I Stay Active

Going from dancing on a competition team and running cross country in high school I was scared that I wouldn’t find a way to stay active at school.

Something that really set me on the right track was getting involved in group exercise classes. I found a group of girls on my floor and we all started going to the classes right off the bat. We tried everything from yoga to Tabata, I even started going to classes in the morning. In high school I would have never imagined myself getting up at 6 so I could get to a yoga class at 7!

My friends and I ended up loving group exercise so much that we took the NETA group exercise exam and starting teaching during the spring semester of our freshman year! The next spring I took my Yoga Fit Level One certification. Now I’m up to teaching two classes a week, barre and ab lab!

Something I really love about group exercise is that I get to try new things all the time! My favorite classes that I’ve taken are LivFree Yoga and Cardio Kickboxing. Now yoga was something I was familiar with but kickboxing?! I never saw myself doing that but I fell in love with it after the first class.

As I mentioned in other posts I am a dance minor and also a part of the dance club on campus. In the fall we dance at our school’s homecoming event and in the spring we put on a show where members can choreograph. Choreographing a dance with my roommate this year was one of my favorite things I have done at school. We have had the idea for “A Little Party” in our heads for over a year and it was so amazing to see our dream become a reality.

Through the dance club I also got the opportunity to be a dance in the Best of Broadway shows. This year we did Legally Blonde and although it killed me, “Whipped Into Shape” was my favorite number and I still practice the jump roping number every now and then.