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A Day in Boston


At the beginning of all of my posts from now until December 31st I will be including a link to my Dressember fundraising page. I will also be sharing facts about modern day slavery. Today’s fact: Slaves are the cheapest they have ever been.  (information found here).

Here is the link to my fundraising page if you want to join me in helping exploited women experience freedom.  Part of Dressember is just starting the conversation, but another large part is raising money to help Dressember’s partners carry out rescue missions. Just $200 dollars helps with the immediate needs a woman has when she leaves a trafficking situation. Whether or not you make a donation, start the conversation!


My family and I took a trip to Boston the day before I had to head back to school after Thanksgiving break. It’s one of our favorite places to go so I figured I would give you a rundown of what we did.

Our first official stop was to get tickets to the Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker for New Year’s Eve.  But on our way we found a Blackbird Doughnuts. I got the cinnamon roll donut and it was so good!

Then we made another unplanned stop…


We found a Little Free Library! This was the first time I had ever been able to stop at one, I think I may have seen one driving down the Cape. I stopped and picked up a book called The Art of Dancing in the Rain, you guys will definitely be seeing a post up about that once I finish writing the second part for Tuesdays with Morrie!


Then we finally reached the Ballet! I’m a little sad that I wasn’t able to look in some of the studio spaces (I know not to step on the marley with my street shoes!) but it was still social just to be in the building where they rehearse.


After that we headed over to the Park Plaza hotel to make reservations for New Year’s Eve! I guess it’s been awhile since my sixth grade chess club days because my Dad and I were playing in the lobby and he beat me… in three moves.

We finished our day with dinner in the North End and a trip to Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market to see the Christmas tree! I can’t wait to share our NYE adventure with you guys!


Outfit details:

Earrings: Carolyn Blue Earrings from Starfish Project

Sweater: Vineyard Vines, here is a similar sweater with lots of color options but they don”t have any sweaters this color this year!

Vest: Printed Quilted Puffer Vest from J.Crew Factory

Jeans: Jeggings from Primark, before you judge the jeggings as long as you wear a longer top the world will never know!

Socks: Banana Republic Factory Store, here are some similar ones

Shoes:  8″ Bean Boots from L.L.Bean

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