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The Perks of Second Semester


Second semester in college is truly a beautiful thing. This is my first time in the past three years that I do not carry over any classes into the spring. That means no biology II, chemistry II, anatomy II, or physics II; I am starting this semester on a completely new page.

Personally I think of each new semester as a time to set resolutions, and it just so happens that spring semester coincides with the biggest time to make resolutions. If you are like me and you like setting resolutions, you get two chances a semester to stop and think about your goals for the next 16 weeks. One of my resolutions this semester: get all As!

If you are like me and have no part II classes, there are no expectations going into this semester besides your own! You can’t tell yourself oh you got an A last semester so you have to do that again, or on the flip side you can’t beat yourself up for getting a B and telling yourself you need to step your game up.

If you are like me during my freshman and sophomore year remember: college is not like high school! Your grades from last semester do not average in with this semester to make a final grade. Even if it’s the same class you still have a brand new start! You have the advantage of knowing what the class set up/teaching style is without having to bring in any grades.

You also have the opportunity to start new clubs and activities in the second semester. Although I’m sure any club would be happy to have you drop in during a semester it can be less intimidating to start when you know it’s likely you won’t be the only new person in the room.

If you’re looking for tips to stay organized this semester check out my tips here!

Happy second semester!




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