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What to do When the Semester Doesn’t Start Off Right

IMG_7861Last week I talked about how second semester is a fresh start, but what if the fresh start does not go according to plan.

Here is how my first three days of school went:

  • In one of my classes there are tables of two, I ended up sitting alone.
  • One of my classes got the time switched and no one sent us a notification.
  • After asking if  the time change was true my teacher responded, “Yes that is correct.” And that was it, only slightly intimidating…
  • I was 60 seconds late to the class mentioned above after realizing it was on the other end of campus. I’ll admit it, I backpack ran… what has my life come to.
  • I had to give up my yoga class because of the time change.

So yes, most of these things have to do with one little switch but in the moment it seemed like such a big deal.

Just remember that things get better.

  • Friday morning in the same class I sat along two days earlier, someone sat down right next to me.
  • After apologizing to the teacher because I was late, and telling her I was going to have to miss a class because I’m going to a conference, she seemed really nice.
  • I’m now co-teaching a yoga class Friday nights!
  • I started a job at a child care center with some of the cutest kids I’ve ever met!

So just remember, nothing is permanent and you can direct where your day goes. Do not let other people make you miserable.




2 thoughts on “What to do When the Semester Doesn’t Start Off Right”

  1. I love your blog Marissa! Equal parts style & smarts. Ideas that I will certainly implement in my own college classroom. 📚♥️

    And thank you for your thoughtful note. Wonderful to know you enjoyed my TEDx posts. Video will be ready soon.

    I always make time for blogs like yours. Creativity sparks creativity! 💥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I will definitely follow your blog so I can be sure to see the TEDx video! As I keep reading your posts I find more and more that speak to me (especially the one on fear!).

      Feel free to share my link with your students! I’d love to hear their thoughts as well!


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