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How I Use Essential Oils

An essential oil diffuser had been in my Amazon shopping cart since April and then when I went to Wanderlust in early August I attended an essential oils class and I was waiting to hit purchase unit I was back at school. A few weeks after Wanderlust my mom actually bought a diffuser for my birthday and now I don’t know what I would do without it!

I have a PureSpa Essence diffuser that has automatic presents for 30, 60, 120, and 180 minutes. I have the BluZen variety pack of oils which I use for my diffuser. This includes Refresh, Cedar Sunrise, Lavender, BlueZen Original, Northern Lights, Tranquil. I also have a roller filled with one of doTERRA’s essential oil yoga collection. As part of the essential oils class at Wanderlust we got to learn all about the oils as well as take some home with us. I chose ___ from the yoga collection which is made up of Anchor, Align, and Arise.


  • To smell nice! My college, and most other colleges  don’t allow you to have candles in dorm rooms so this is a nice alternative. I personally think it’s even better because I can easily change out what kind of vibe I want. I also tend to match the smell to what I need to get done, I started the year off using Lavender which is calming but as classes are getting harder I’ve changed to Refresh because it “infuses the mind and body with energy and good vibes”.
  • As a timer. As I mentioned earlier my diffuser has settings so I can pick how long it is on for. This helps me stay on task while studying because I’ll tell myself I’ll set it for an hour and then once it shuts off I know it’s time to put my notes away. Or when I read before bed I’ll set it for half an hour so I won’t keep saying one more chapter.
  • For our Human Donor Lab. At first the smell of formaldehyde didn’t bother me, but as we got later into the semester and more than two donors were being pulled out at a time the smell became overwhelming. Our lab has it’s own set of essential oils in the front of the room for this exact reason, so I will put some on the inside of my wrist and then I’ll put my wrist right under my nose so some oils rub off there as well.
  • To set the mood. Between the smell and the different color options I feel like diffusers are a really good way to relax. It creates a nice vibe that is just overall inviting.

I’ve also heard people put some drops of essential oil into their water. Right now I’m pretty skeptical about the science behind that one, but I’ll keep you guys updated if anything changes! Something to be cautious about: not all essential oils can be ingested! If you want to put it in your water make sure you are reading the label!

Time to go start my diffuser!



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What I’m Reading: The Dinner List

The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle

I discovered The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle from @between2covers_ on Instagram. I’ve discovered so many bookstagrams recently and I’ve made a bad habit out of adding these snaps to my saved list… it’s only bad because my reading list had at least quadrupled. 

I’ll admit what drew me to this book was Audrey Hepburn on the cover but I was reeled in after learning more about it. The Dinner List is about Sabrina who gets to live out the age old icebreaker question of having 5 people, living or dead, with her for dinner. 

The main character, Sabrina, chose four people she knew and Audrey Hepburn to join her for dinner in an old school assignment. Little did she know, that school assignment would come to life on her birthday years later. The book alternates between the present, the dinner party, and the past, her life surrounding her boyfriend Tobias. I really enjoyed the premise of the book and I loved that the chapters alternated between “reality” and Sabrina’s past because you got to understand the way her mind worked better. But, about halfway through the book I was over it. I was left feeling like Sabrina’s friend Jessica and I was ready to kick Tobias out of the party myself. To me it felt like Sabrina was so infatuated with the idea of him rather than in love with him. 

I have to say, although I was over it halfway through, I would have to recommend this to anyone looking for something to read because isn’t that what a book is meant to do? To make you feel something? Serle did such a great job creating unique and frustratingly-wonderful characters that I was moved and truly felt like I was the seventh person at this birthday dinner. 

I was so immersed in this book, if I hadn’t read it in the middle of my semester I would have finished it in a day. It may be practically winter but this would make the perfect beach read!

Happy reading!