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What I’m Reading: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine

This was an exciting read for me because it was my for my first month in a book club! Not only was this the first book we read, I picked it! We pick two books, one fiction and one nonfiction, and surprisingly, no one wanted to read Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers. So, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman it is!

I had seen this book floating around #bookstagram for a while now and I definitely was not disappointed when this was our book of the month. I looked it up and I thought it sounded extremely interesting: it’s the story of Eleanor Oliphant who can be described as the exact opposite of a social butterfly. She and the IT guy from her office end up saving a man’s life, and the story only gets more intriguing from there. The rest of the book follows Eleanor as she fan girls over a local musician, navigates her weekly chats with Mummy, and deviates from her weekly routine.

While I did start to predict some of what was in store for Eleanor, Honeyman really knows how to keep readers on their toes. There was not one, but two huge plot twists I did not see coming!

For the first 50 pages I was not as thrilled with the book as I had hoped to be. At first I found Eleanor extremely annoying but slowly and surely I fell in love with her. As I mentioned earlier, Eleanor struggles with social skills, and you don’t learn everything about her at once. It takes the entire novel to learn about Eleanor’s backstory which made it feel all the more real to me. Eleanor doesn’t open up to anyone and it felt like as you kept reading and investing your time in her you earned her trust.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone! I fell in love with Eleanor Oliphant and she introduced me to someone else to put on my reading list: A Man Called Ove. I heard he and Eleanor have similar quirky personalities and I cannot wait to pick that one up.

Happy reading!



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