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What I’m Reading: The Dirty Book Club

I picked this book up because it sounded like movie Book Club and it was on the $5 table at Barnes and Noble, an impulse buy at it’s finest. It looked like I started my own dirty book club as I walked to the checkout with The Dirty Book Club and Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows. When the cashier scanned both of my books I said, “I don’t know why it looks like I read 50 Shades of Grey” and she didn’t even crack a smile.  But I think I’m funny and that’s all that matters.

When I first picked this up I read the author’s name and thought “Lisi Harrison… I’ve heard that before”. It wasn’t until I started reading it I realized it was the same Lisi Harrison who wrote The Clique series. The Clique books were some of my favorites to read, my school didn’t seem nearly as cool as Octavian Country Day and I loved reading about the Pretty Committee. Which caused my expectations of this book to soar. 

This book was slightly dramatic as I remember The Clique books to be, which is odd because it covers everything from cheating husbands to pot brownies. It was however a great read and the perfect book to bring with you to a beach.

While I enjoyed it I think I would have rather it focused more on the original members or on the bonding between the next generation. While there was a lot going on, I finished it and still felt like I was missing something. There’s little talk of the actual book club and how the new members got closer.

While we do see personal growth in a number of the characters, whether it’s actually reading that month’s pick or signing in pen, it feels like we’re following the Downtown Beach Club and not the Dirty Book Club. While each of the characters were independent of each other they blended together for me. If it wasn’t M.J., I had to remind myself who was who.

If you’re looking for a light-hearted and dramatic read this is one to have. While I felt like the relationships between characters fell a little flat, it was a good read for a day on the beach.

Happy reading!



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