NYE Style Guide

I wanted to share a few NYE looks for anyone still looking for the perfect outfit! While NYE is the perfect excuse to break out the black, gold, and silver sequins this year you can spice it up with some 1920s themed fun, Old Sport.

Faux Fabulous

If you’re ringing in the New Year in the Northeast you may want to a faux vest to tie your outfit together.

Flapper Fringe

Flappers are the most iconic look from the 20s and can you even say you’re a flapper if you aren’t wearing fringe? I’m not quite sure, so better stay safe than sorry!

Fancy Pants

If you’re going for more ABBA than art deco look no further. These pants are the perfect way to prove you are the dancing queen.

Geometric Glitter

I saved the most on themed look for last. People usually opt for sequins and glitter on New Year’s Eve but this isn’t just any NYE. Bring out all the art deco old sport, the 20’s are back.

I hope that helps you plan out your NYE eve look! Time to start thinking about those resolutions!

All photos are from the website with the exception of the sequin skirt and fur look which is from the Lo Meyer blog!

Let me know what you’re wearing this NYE!




Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving and you know what that means… Christmas is in full swing! All those people that wait until Thanksgiving are finally on board and it’s full steam ahead.

I wanted to share three holiday looks you can recreate for holiday parties or Christmas dinner.

A Night at the Nutcracker

Similar sweater. Similar skirt. Houndstooth coat. Nutcracker pouch.

A majority of this outfit is something you can find in your closet! If you have a neutral sweater and skirt combo all you need to invest in is a purse, and even though it’s something I only use once a year, it was a great investment.

Pretty in Plaid

Red plaid dress. Short sleeve plaid dress.

Plaid is such a great holiday pattern. These dresses would be perfect for a Christmas Eve party. The LL Bean boots give it a real New England look!

Sweater Weather

Ribbed cowl neck sweater dress. Cable knit sweater dress.

The first dress linked has the fun cowl neck while the second one comes in a great holiday red! My favorite part of this outfit was that my earrings had little bows on them! Kate Spade has cute bow studs, but I got my drop earrings from Charming Charlie (same place as my Nutcracker purse). If you’re like me and loved accessorizing from Charming Charlie, I have good news for you- they’re coming back! As for your Christmas look, I’ll give you bonus points if you coordinate with your dog!

I hope this helped give you some ideas on what to wear this holiday season. Let me know what you’re wearing in the comments below!



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The Smart Person Affirmation

Finals week is drawing nearer, and stress levels are rising. As part of my “Mental Health Mondays” series I wanted to share something I learned my first semester of PT school that has resonated with me.

I’m a yoga teacher and I think that means I’m pretty much drawn to affirmations and mantras. One night at the weekly tutoring session right before my first grad school exam, our tutor shared her “Smart Person Affirmation” with us. Naturally, one of my friends and I memorized it and we say it together before every exam.

I am a smart person. I know things.

When I don’t know things, I guess. I am a good guesser.

Nine times out of ten my first choice is the right choice.

I will use the test to take the test.

I want to pass. My teachers want me to pass.

And therefore I shall pass.

When saying it with friends I would take turns telling each other you want them to pass. You can also swap out “my teacher” for the actual professor’s name (we’ve had a few teachers tell us of course they want us to pass as they hear us saying this).

The most important part of this is to actually believe the words you are saying. The mind is a powerful tool and life is way easier when your attitude backs you up!

Happy studying! Remember, you are a smart person!