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  • The Enlightenment of Bees
  • Last Year in Havana

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Four Friday Faves: Vol. II


Here is volume two of my Friday Faves, here is the PDF where you can click on all the photos to be connected to Palmettos and Pineapples, $10 off at Starfish Project, the Goodreads review, and the Wanderlust photo album! While the link to the Palmettos and Pineapples homepage can be found by clicking on the previous link, here is a direct link to “Your Voice Matters”. You can find the link to the Starfish Project website here.

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What I’m Reading: Crazy Rich Asians


Happy What I’m Reading Wednesday! My newest read was Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. I picked this one up on the Vineyard when I got Hope Never Dies a few weeks ago. I saw this on the shelf and knew I needed it. I really wanted to see the movie once I saw the commercials with Ken Jeong in them!

I absolutely adored this book! It brought me back to middle school when I was reading the Clique books but on a whole new level! Massie Block’s chauffeur has nothing on the Young family’s Gurkhas, lady’s maids, and private jets. The characters in this book really are crazy rich and it transports you into a whole new world. It also feels slightly Gatsby-esque being centered around the biggest wedding of the century- sorry Will & Kate and Harry & Meghan!

This book follows Rachel Chu (not of the Taiwanese Chus) to Singapore where she meets her boyfriend, Nick Young’s family. While they’ve been dating for awhile, Rachel does not know too much about Nick’s family. She’s in for quite the shock when she finds out just how crazy rich the Youngs are. Rachel then navigates how she can fit into this world that seems a lot farther away than NYC.

My favorite part of this book was towards the end, it seems like the story is wrapping up but Kwan throws in a few more plot twists before he ends it. With the way the story ended I cannot wait to get started on China Rich Girlfriend. 

Just a warning, at first the book can be a little much. You are introduced to a whirlwind of characters and there are several narrators. Personally I think that just adds to the story, it truly feels like you are Rachel, being thrown into this complicated family. You learn more about the inner workings of the clan by being able to learn about Nick Your and his many cousins, aunts, and childhood friends.

The Young’s world is very intriguing and I promise if you pick this book up you won’t want to put it down!

Happy reading!