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Dressember Round Up!

Donations are open until the end of January! I’m halfway to my goal, help IJM rescue exploited women and donate here!

Due to the fact that I reused a lot of dresses and just swatted out accessories I do not want to bore you with all the repetitiveness so I picked a few that give you a look into my crazy life.

Here’s me in my classic black t shirt dress powering through the end of the semester. On the left I used a maroon plaid scarf to add one color to a long day locked in a study room. The walls are whiteboards how cool! Then on the right I’m filming my ASL final. We picked a cartoon (I did Garfield) and we had to write a story in ASL and then film ourselves doing it.


Same dress different scarf! I’m in the meditation room at school and trust me the outfit looked better when the socks were scrunched down a little.

My Elegantees dress was so perfect for Christmas shopping and New Year’s Eve! This dress was from their Dressember collection and it’s no longer available but they have so many other gorgeous dresses.

Some more pictures by the tree!

My Christmas Eve look!

There are no skirts allowed in Dressember so I am actually wearing a dress under my skirt! The skirt is from J.Crew Factory and you can find it here. I’m obsessed with their sidewalk skirts this is my second one!  The socks are also J.Crew Factory and you can pick them up here. I love their camp socks I have light blue, dark blue, and now red! The scarf is from Banana Republic Factory and it was one of our doorbuster on Black Friday! It’s no longer online but a few stores have it left in their clearance section.


I wore that Loft dress I love so much for Christmas. In reality I didn’t get dressed fro Christmas but I did go to Midnight Mass!  You can see more pictures in this dress here.


You really can do anything in a dress! Like donate blood!

So that’s my round up! Here is proof that you do not need anywhere close to 31 dresses to participate. I wore that black t shirt dress from Marshalls probably close to half of the days. I hope everyone reading this post considers participating next year I’d love to get a team started. This is such a fun way that makes you look at what you own and how lucky you are.

And now I want to close with one more thought. I felt this a little past halfway in the challenge and I saw other people voicing this same opinion on Instagram. Some days the last thing you want to put on is a dress. And that’s saying something considering all summer long I’m only in dresses. It’s cold, I’m running from dance class to give a tour to physiology of exercise lab and I needed to carry a change of clothes with me all the time. While I was running around I would wear my dress and as soon as I got to my destination I would change. There was a lot of planning ahead and arriving early but I wanted to stay as true to this challenge as I could. So sometimes wearing a dress felt like a hassle. But then you have to really stop and think, how lucky am I that this is a hassle. The women who I am standing up for do not even have the choice to put on what they want. And that thought alone is a very humbling experience.

Here’s another thought. A lot of people may be thinking well what can I really do. I personally did not really want to ask my friends for money, it’s the holidays, people are already spending a ton of money. But it made me mindful. I thought about these women every day during the month of December, which is more than I had thought about exploited women the rest of the year. One of the reasons I decided to join was because a friend of mine had said something along the lines of “you can’t do that” and I’m so glad I’m competitive because that gave me the internal fire to sign up.

Dressember has also raised my awareness of shopping ethically and fair trade certified. I dedicated so much time to looking up facts about trafficking and companies that are ethical for my blog posts and I learned so much about the world around me. While exploitation happens abroad it also happens in right here in America, a country we call the greatest in the world.

It’s overwhelming to think about so I will leave my thoughts at that. But if you’re sitting at home thinking how can I make a difference… wear a dress.


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Dressember Part One


At the beginning of all of my posts from now until December 31st I will be including a link to my Dressember fundraising page. I will also be sharing facts about modern day slavery. Today’s fact: “More than 31,600 total cases of human trafficking have been reported to the [National Human Trafficking] Hotline in the last eight years” (quote was found here).

Here is the link to my fundraising page if you want to join me in helping exploited women experience freedom.  Part of Dressember is just starting the conversation, but another large part is raising money to help Dressember’s partners carry out rescue missions. Just $200 dollars helps with the immediate needs a woman has when she leaves a trafficking situation. Whether or not you make a donation, start the conversation!


I wanted to keep you guys updated on how Dressember is going so here are my first few outfits…

Day One


Day Two


Day Three


Day Four


Day Five


Day SixFullSizeRender 16

Day Seven

FullSizeRender 15

I’ve had so much fun picking out outfits (or letting my roommates do it for me) these past seven days and it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be. Let me know you’re favorite outfit in the comments below!