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Wellness Wednesday: Bodies Alive

Today’s Wellness Wednesday is a little different than usual. While we’ll still be talking about the human body, it’s not in the way you may be expecting.

This Sunday I was at the Museum of Science in Boston/Cambridge (the museum is actually split between Boston and Cambridge) and I got to see the Body World exhibit and it was amazing!

I went to see Bodies: The Exhibition when I took anatomy in high school and now that I have taken two more years of anatomy I feel like my appreciation for the human body and traveling exhibitions has only grown.

One thing that really amazed me about Body Worlds was that it was educational beyond just the bodies. They had rooms dedicated to different body systems and would include education about how to remain healthy through diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices in each section. As someone who just learned about workplace ergonomics one of my favorite parts was the video about adjusting posture while sitting at a desk and a model about proper lifting technique. I may be on summer break but it was a great way to review some key concepts from last semester!

A section on cataracts. I had no idea Monet and Degas both had problems with vision and it was interesting to see what they saw vs what they painted.

My favorite part of the exhibit besides being able to look at the bodies was the section on centenarians. Body Worlds featured a few people who have made it to 100 years old and had them speak about their lifestyles. While diet and exercise was mentioned, they centenarians also talked about their role in society. One woman discussed how important it was for her to be able to still be an active participant in her life, she still volunteers in her community and spends time with friends and family.

I had to feature this one on the blog! Mobility is medicine!

When you leave Body Worlds you can pick up a chip and pledge to make a lifestyle choice that will improve your quality of life. I was happy to see “exercise more” had a ton of pledges but since mental health is just as important as physical health, I pledged to stress less.

“Eat less sugar” was another popular one and if we weren’t in peak ice cream eating season I may have put my chip there…

But let’s get to the good stuff! The bodies! They are preserved through a process called Plastination and were absolutely amazing. It’s no secret I am a huge nerd when it comes to this kind of thing but they were breathtaking. You could see each of the muscles so clearly and the bodies were posed in such interesting ways, I could go on and on.

It wasn’t just the bodies that were on display, they had the nervous system and plastic replicas of the heart and all of it’s arteries and veins. The nervous system had to be the wildest thing for me because I was able to just stare at the brachial plexus I had learned about in class and look at in our cadavers but there it was laid out in front of me connected to all of the other nerves in the body.

I know not everyone may want to actually see the bodies so here is your warning: the donors are below!!

Could you imagine being the person to set this up?

That’s it for my review of the exhibit itself but I encourage you to keep reading below and learn about how these companies get the bodies. It’s an important discussion to have so let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Something important to keep in mind when looking into these types of exhibits: where the donors come from. In our anatomy class our professor mentioned that while these traveling exhibits are informative they don’t always get their bodies in the right way. Body Worlds’ donors come from people in Europe and the United States who have agreed to donating their bodies to medical students and the general public to learn from. Body Worlds is even stricter with their donations now after discovering some of their bodies were coming from Russian human trafficking rings. In an interview with NPR the founder of Body Worlds said, “What I certainly never use for public exhibitions are unclaimed bodies, prisoners, bodies from mental institutions and executed prisoners.” The key phrase here is public exhibitions. The founder of Body Worlds has admitted to selling unclaimed bodies for educational purposes. These bodies come from Chinese medical schools and have no written confirmation.

Bodies: The Exhibition is another story. The spokesperson for the company openly admits the bodies on display are unclaimed. The founder of this traveling cadaver company used to work with Body Worlds and then created a rival. This is the exhibition I had seen in high school and while it was one of my favorite field trips I had ever gone on, knowing that these bodies may not have been acquired in an ethical manner makes me cringe. But at least they are honest about not being able to verify who was donated to them.

So what can you do with this information? Weigh the options. Both companies have some shady deals going on, whether it’s the bodies they display publicly or sell to medical schools they both obtain bodies in an unethical way. If this is something you are really interested in seeing you just have to decide if you’d rather look at the bodies that were donated or if you are okay with seeing bodies who were not willing but the company is upfront about the means of getting them.

All of the information on donors to Body Worlds and Bodies: The Exhibition came from two NPR articles from 2006. While it is older information, this is the most trustworthy website I could come across.

I’m a huge quote person so I loved that there were quotes about life scattered throughout Body Worlds.

That’s all I have for you this Wednesday! Stay tuned next week for a more traditional Wellness Wednesday post!



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Wellness Wednesday

IMG_9538If exercising is one of your resolutions I have a workout for you!

Today’s Wellness Wednesday is a HIIT workout to target your core. If you read my How I Stay Active post you know I am a group exercise instructor and I taught Ab Lab this past semester. I wanted to share one of my workouts with you guys, it’s super simple and should only take about 15 minutes.

I  would suggest doing some jumping jacks or a quick jog to warm up before you start exercising.

You should do each exercise for 45 seconds with 15 second rest and then there is a cardio exercise at the end of each section that you will do for one minute.

Round 1: Obliques

  1. Bird Dog Crunches: extend he right arm in front of you and the left leg behind you. Bring your elbow and knee together to do the crunch.
  2. Bird Dog Crunches on the other side
  3. Russian Twists: seated with your heels on the ground in front of you, or your legs up in a V position, lean back and tap the ground with your hands. You also have the option to add a weight (if you don’t have one try a sack of flour or the seventh Harry Potter book!) to add some resistance, alternate sides for the full 45 seconds
  4.  Penguins: lie down like you are going to do a crunch, lift your shoulder blades up off the ground with your arms at your sides, bend to the side so that your fingers tap your ankle, then reach towards the other side, keep repeating

Cardio: one minute of jumping jacks

Round 2: Planks- if you have any shoulder restrictions skip this one!!

  1. Straight Arm Plank: keep that core actively engaged and don’t drop or lift your hips, you want to be in a straight line so keep your gaze in-between your hands
  2. Straight Arm Plank with Shoulder Taps: from the high plank position lift your right arm and tap your left shoulder. The trick here is to keep that core engaged and not wobble too much.
  3. Forearm Plank: keep all of the tips from your straight arm plank in mind when you drop down to your forearms.
  4. Forearm Plank with Knee Drops: from your forearm plank alternate tapping your knee on the groundCardio: one minute of high knees

Cardio: high knees

Round 3: Keep it Moving

  1. Burpees: everyone’s favorite exercise. There are so many things to keep in mind when doing burps here is a video from Fitness Magazine
  2. Inchworm: start in a forward fold, walk your hands out to a high plank, you have the option to add a push up, then walk your feet back into a forward fold. The key to this one is to keep your core engaged so you aren’t tipping side to side.
  3. Mountain Climber: start in a push up position and bring your right knee into your chest and then bring that leg back to the starting position and repeat on the other side.
  4. Dead Bug: Start on your back with your arms and legs reaching up to the sky. Bend your knees so your calves are parallel to the floor. Straighten your right leg until it is about to touch the ground then bring it back in and repeat on the other side. Engage your core so that your back does not arch off the ground. If it is arching do not lower your leg down as far.
  5. Cardio: Jump rope. If you do not have a jump rope just pretend!


Happy exercising!