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What I’ve Learned in 2018

2018 has been a huge year for me and I am so thankful for all of the lessons I learned this year. I am so ready to take everything I have learned in order to make 2019 the Year of Marissa!

If you didn’t understand that reference I ask that you shut your laptop immediately and start watching reruns of The Middle on ABC. It’s one of my favorite TV shows and if you didn’t already know… I am Sue Heck.

This photo does not belong to me and comes from Trophy Central

Now that you’ve binged watched all 9 seasons of The Middle let’s get on with the lessons I’ve learned…

Lesson 1: Take time for yourself.

This is something that I have struggled with so much this year and will probably continue to struggle with it in the upcoming year. But it is so important to schedule time for yourself every day. And yes, I said schedule it or else it’s going to get pushed to the bottom of the to do list.

One of the best ways I’ve been able to incorporate this into my studying is to use the Focus Keeper app. It keeps you on task for 25 minutes and gives you a five minute break. After four rounds of staying on task it gives you a longer 25 minute break.

Another way I’ve born able to incorporate “me time” into my everyday routine is to read every morning for 10-20 minutes. Instead of getting up and scrolling through instagram, I read instead!

You also need to plan time for yourself every week in a bigger way! Whether it’s having a movie night with my roommates or going out to dinner with some of my classmates after a huge test it’s so important to have ways to reward yourself for all the hard work you’re putting in.

Lesson 2: Change your perspective.

This is something I only started doing a month before the semester ended but it has definitely changed the way I think about things. There are always things we think we should be doing to feel the most prepared and that often leaves us feeling inadequate. Now I make two lists of things for the day: things I need to get done and things that would benefit me if I could do them today. By avoiding saying I should do this and should do that ad replacing it with things I have to do today and things that would benefit me I avoid the daunting laundry list of things that if I don’t finish them I will end up feeling overwhelmed.

This next one is one I say in someone’s Instagram story that I plan on using this semester. Replace why is this happening to me with what is this trying to teach me?

I firmly believe that by changing the way you look at things, the things you look at change (Wayne Dyer) and I will share any other ways to change your internal dialogue with you as I come across them!

Lesson 3: Believe in yourself.

If I have learned one test taking strategy this semester it is to go into the exam confidently. I performed way better on the five finals I had in six days at the end of the semester than the seven exams I had in seven weeks during the school year.

During our seven weeks of exams, I constantly felt like I wasn’t prepared. I just took a test and then I only had a few days to go through it all again, it seemed never ending. I constantly felt defeated and I was not ready to take whatever test that week entailed, I was caught up in the “should have done this, should have done that” game. During finals I had to adjust my studying pattern, I knew I wouldn’t have the time I thought was adequate because we were squeezing all of these tests into a shorter amount of time. Between accepting that there wasn’t enough time in a day, and realizing I had prepared myself to the best of my ability I went into these tests much more confidently and it paid off!

Another thing is to not compare yourself to others. In an age where social media is everything this is so much easier said than done. When I was asking an upperclassman for advice we were talking about grades and she asked me if I tole people the numbers I got and I said well yeah we always talk about the numbers (pretty much down to the decimal point) when the grades are released. And she told me there’s nothing wrong with talking about how well you’re doing or if you’re struggling in a class but forget about the numbers. In 2021 it won’t matter what I got in each class (as long as it’s above an 83!) and it won’t matter what my class rank is, I’ll still be able to call myself a doctor.

I hope you enjoyed a look into my 2018 and how I’m going to carry those lessons into 2019! One way I am going to stay mindful of these things so I don’t get caught up in all of the stress is to print these three things out and keep them above my desk.

I’m also going to be doing a goal board with my mom before I head back to school so I will keep you updated on that. 2019 is going to be such a big year for me: in May I’ll be graduating and in September I’m going to be moving into an off campus house I’m renting! This next semester is going to be full of a ton of lasts but I can’t wait to see where this year takes me! Let me know what you are leaving in 2018 and what you have to look forward to in 2019!



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Four Friday Goals: Vol. V

Copy of Copy of Copy of Pink Blogger Media KitThis week’s Friday Faves are different in two ways:

  • They’re coming at you on Saturday!
  • They’re my goals for this upcoming semester!

I truly believe it is so important to write your goals down and share them with others which was the inspiration for this week’s post! Share your goals with me in the comments!



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My New Years Resolution 2018

IMG_7750Happy New Year!

What a better lifestyle post to start out with today than my goals for this upcoming year! I know not everyone is into New Years Resolutions because you can make changes anytime of year but I think there is something special about saying you will do something all year and then following through with it.

The main three goals I have for this year are…

  1. Trying new things. This was a goal I made for myself in 2017 and I think I have achieved it but so many great things have come from going outside of my comfort zone that I feel like it is a valuable resolution for 2018. Whether it’s meeting new people or trying new food,  I’m making this the year of pushing outside my bubble.
  2. Be smarter with my money. I love clothes, don’t we all. But I found that in the last few months of 2017 I was using my debit card too much. I used to be really good at not using my debit card and only paying for things in cash and I definitely need to get back into that mode. It’s so much easier to swipe your card because you never see how much money is getting taken out. When I use cash I am way less likely to spend the money especially if it means I will be breaking a larger bill. Another little goal I have within this resolution is to do the $5 challenge again. I tried it this year but as I mentioned earlier I did not do as well at using cash so it kind of fell flat and I only ended up saving $40.  The $5 challenge is anytime you spend money if you get a $5 bill you put it in a special wallet and then at the end of the year you can treat yourself to something nice or put it in your savings.
  3. Take more time for myself. I started to do this halfway through the end of the semester and I am so glad I did. One of the ways I take time for myself if by setting time aside to read. Instead of checking Instagram right when I get up I read a chapter or two. Another thing I plan to do is yoga. I want to do yoga 5/7 days a week. Whether it’s a quick sun salutation or a longer flow I think yoga is a great way to stay mindful.

I hope you guys enjoyed a look at my resolutions, if you’re making a list leave one or two resolutions/goals in the comments!