What I’ve Learned about Mindfulness

Besides giving up my personal social media for Lent, I also chose to practice mindfulness for 15 minutes every day. We’re just beyond the halfway point and I wanted to share what I’ve learned so far.

What I thought it would look like:

Girl meditating surrounded by plants and a cat
Just replace the plants with crystals.

I thought I would spend my days just like this. Legs folded, with both hands resting on my knees, and my hands doing the Gyan mudra.

And at the beginning it mainly did look like that. I would read from Journey to the Heart and meditate on that or any mantras that resonated with me. One of my favorite places to find mantras is @illuminateyourvibe on Instagram!

But as the days went on I found it’s more than that.

What it really looks like:

I’ve learned that mindfulness is being in the moment and chasing to be present. It’s an opportunity to check in with yourself and everything that is happening around you. One of my favorite ways of being in the moment is taking my dog Maggie for walk. Thanks to our classes going online, I am able to do that more often than I could if we were still in school but it works if you’re walking by yourself too!

I’ve also turned back to journaling! This was such a big part of my life in high school and I will be writing a full post on it soon, but this is a great way to process!

And there is some meditation and yoga thrown in there too! Yoga was such a big part of my freshman year in college and it only has become more important to me as time as gone on. Especially after reading Yoga Mind by Suzan Colón, I’ve really come to appreciate yoga beyond the asana.

One of the biggest meditation tips I have learned is that’s not as if when you start meditating you switch on a vacuum and your mind is empty. In fact it’s almost the opposite, as you’re trying to calm your mind, the things weighing heavily on you might make an appearance so acknowledge that, and then let it pass.

I hope that this helps anyone that wants to start meditating that there is no “right way”, find what works for you!

The light in me honor the light in each of you.