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Sunflowers & Selenite: Rose Quartz

From left right: black tourmaline in quartz, black tourmaline, and rose quartz.

Selenite will always be one of my favorite crystals because it’s the first one I ever had, but rose quartz is also in my favorites! This has been one of the stones I take with me daily when I feel like I need a little help.

What it’s for…

The pink isn’t just for show, rose quartz is all about love. It is for compassion and embracing love. It’s not just for romantics either, it is for self-love and appreciating friends and family. I have come to think of carrying my rose quartz around as my own form of self-care. Rose quartz is also for vibrating higher. Through its strong tie to love, it is also helpful when it comes to forgiveness and finding understanding.

I don’t think anyone will be surprised when I say this but rose quartz is for the heart chakra. By creating that sense of understanding it can help you move forward when you’re going through hard times. Being able to forgive yourself and others and moving on is one of the best forms of self-care so I am not surprised at all that rose quartz is tied to that!

How I use it…

As I mentioned earlier this is one of those stones that I feel compelled to take with me most days. If I have a quiz or an exam, I’m usually wearing a Patagonia and you can find my tower in my pocket.

I also meditate with it frequently. It’s one of the crystals that I’m just drawn to hold in my hand when I’m looking to meditate on something specific.

The light in me honors the light in each of you!



P.S. All of the crystals pictured came from Seed to Stem in Worcester! The mantra card is from Vibrate Higher!


What I’ve Learned about Mindfulness

Besides giving up my personal social media for Lent, I also chose to practice mindfulness for 15 minutes every day. We’re just beyond the halfway point and I wanted to share what I’ve learned so far.

What I thought it would look like:

Girl meditating surrounded by plants and a cat
Just replace the plants with crystals.

I thought I would spend my days just like this. Legs folded, with both hands resting on my knees, and my hands doing the Gyan mudra.

And at the beginning it mainly did look like that. I would read from Journey to the Heart and meditate on that or any mantras that resonated with me. One of my favorite places to find mantras is @illuminateyourvibe on Instagram!

But as the days went on I found it’s more than that.

What it really looks like:

I’ve learned that mindfulness is being in the moment and chasing to be present. It’s an opportunity to check in with yourself and everything that is happening around you. One of my favorite ways of being in the moment is taking my dog Maggie for walk. Thanks to our classes going online, I am able to do that more often than I could if we were still in school but it works if you’re walking by yourself too!

I’ve also turned back to journaling! This was such a big part of my life in high school and I will be writing a full post on it soon, but this is a great way to process!

And there is some meditation and yoga thrown in there too! Yoga was such a big part of my freshman year in college and it only has become more important to me as time as gone on. Especially after reading Yoga Mind by Suzan Colón, I’ve really come to appreciate yoga beyond the asana.

One of the biggest meditation tips I have learned is that’s not as if when you start meditating you switch on a vacuum and your mind is empty. In fact it’s almost the opposite, as you’re trying to calm your mind, the things weighing heavily on you might make an appearance so acknowledge that, and then let it pass.

I hope that this helps anyone that wants to start meditating that there is no “right way”, find what works for you!

The light in me honor the light in each of you.



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Sunflowers & Selenite: Amethyst

It was only a matter of time until our girl amethyst showed up. If you listen to the Sage Sisters podcast (“Health, Spirituality, Crystals, Shungite, and Ayahuasca” or “Crystals 101″) you’ll understand why amethyst is the crystal. One of their guests even said he didn’t want amethyst to be his favorite crystal because it’s so mainstream, but it’s just such a classic it had to be.


What it’s for: Amethyst is known as a powerful healing stone and it is associated with the third eye chakra. The vibes are good and high helping create a space of harmony. It is important in dispelling negative energy and aiding the user in trusting their intuition.

Amethyst is helpful when it comes to making decisions. From its connection to the third eye chakra, amethyst gives its user mental clarity which helps remove emotion from decision making. It is also helpful when it comes to setting realistic goals.

For all of these reasons, amethyst is great for meditation. You can use the mental clarity that you gain to visualize your goals and aspirations. This is the year of manifesting what we want!

How I use it: I actually have two amethysts in my collection. I have one large one and a smaller one (much more travel sized). In the days leading up to starting the spring semester I sat and meditated with amethyst at the top of my yoga mat, and at the end of my practice I balanced the smaller piece on my third eye chakra as I thought about what I wanted to accomplish this semester.

The light in me honors the light in each of you, let’s vibrate higher!



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Why I Go To Counseling

Hey friends!

Cue the usual, “it’s been so long since I posted” intro.

Today I had such a great experience I wanted to share my thoughts as soon as I got home from lab and could open my laptop. Here’s the deal, I go to the counseling center at my college. It’s something that I’m not necessarily ashamed of but I also don’t share that as my fun fact when I’m meeting someone new. I’ve contemplated sharing my experiences with counseling on here before but I didn’t feel really compelled to do it until now. I briefly talked about it in my post about “The Most Important Lessons College Taught Me” but today was such a great day I just need to put it out there. If you’re reading this waiting for your sign to go to counseling: this is it. This is the sign!

I’ve seen positive changes in myself.

I used to be just a whole ball of stress. It’s actually funny because before exams people would always tell me how calm I was and mentally I would say, “If only you knew.” And here’s the thing, being stressed is good. It shows you care, but too much of anything isn’t good. And there’s a fine line between wanting to do well and obsessing over it. At some point stress isn’t helpful, it only hinders you. Last year the stress was just too much and even during exams if I started to get stressed I’d be sitting there thinking “okay let’s just get an 83” instead of actually thinking about what was on the exam! Isn’t it crazy that we let ourselves waste so much energy going down the negative thoughts rabbit hole.

Fast forward to this year, I feel so much calmer. When people tell me I’m calm I think, “of course I am, I’m vibrating higher.” A whole post on that is coming up soon! I don’t feel compelled to stay up until God knows when reading the slides “one more time”. I can appreciate all the effort I put into studying and when I’m taking an exam I can think through what I do know so that I can logically figure it out. I’ve even seen improvement in my confidence in my practical skills and patient interactions. I’m not saying I never get stressed anymore because that’s just not realistic but I’m much better at reeling it in than I used to be.

Other people have seen positive changes in me.

This was the reason I was inspired to write this post. Today I had a meeting with my academic advisor and she asked me how I was doing this semester. Just to give you a little background, I went to her office maybe four or five times last spring, and I cried three or four of those times. There were some times last year where I was just like I don’t know how anyone can do this, I don’t think I can do this. My advisor has known me since I was a freshman and she told me that prior to starting the grad phase, I had the grades to do this and that I just needed to figure out how to handle all of this new stress. So I continued going to the counseling center and working on myself and when I had my meeting with my advisor today it went completely differently.

When she asked me how I was doing and I told her that I was doing much better in my classes and I was just overall more confident in myself she told me that she saw it too. It’s one thing to have that feeling that you really are doing well but to have that validation from someone else is unreal. A year before she had been my proctor for my modalities check off and I failed. I set everything up correctly and said my parameters but when asked to repeat them I had doubted myself and changed my answer. This semester I had her as my proctor for my mobilizations practical and I went in so much calmer than I had been the year before. Just the mindset I went in with set me so far ahead. When she asked me to repeat the type of mobilization I chose I did so as if there could not possibly be another right answer. And I earned myself an A.

After my advising meeting, I was driving to the library to pick up a book I had on hold and “Good as Hell” came on the radio and can I just say I was 100% feeling good as hell. And once I finish writing this post I’ll be adding that to my vibrate higher playlist.

Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Yes, I’ll say it louder for the people in the back, mental health is just as important as physical health. Maybe it’s just the Springfield College spirit, mind, and body philosophy in me but it’s true! You are your best self when you take care of yourself! You can read more about me talking about how I balance my triangle here.

Life is hard.

I can’t imagine a better reason! I truly believe that everyone can benefit from counseling at some point in their life. Just because you start going doesn’t mean you’re stuck going every week for the rest of your life. I’ve actually gone to counseling twice now, I went second semester of my sophomore year and then I started going again the fall of my senior year.

I think in some cases counseling is very similar to physical therapy in that the goal is to not have you go forever. While there are some people that may benefit for being in counseling for the long haul (and there’s nothing wrong with that!) most people don’t need to go once a week for the rest of their life. Here’s one more tip: your therapist cannot fix all your problems. You fix all your problems by implementing the strategies you learned in counseling.

And there it is, the reasons why I go to counseling. My hope in sharing this is that it adds to the already present conversation that counseling isn’t for crazy people, it’s for everyone.

Just a reminder, a good counseling relationship is just that, a relationship. It may take you time to find someone that you really click with so don’t give up if your first counselor isn’t the one!

Vibrate higher!



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The Twenty Four Hour Rule

When I was younger my grandmothers used to watch me after school. One time when I was sick my Nana told me the 24 hour rule. The rule is that you’re only allowed to sit on the couch doing nothing for one day. Then you have to get up and carry on.

So why am I sharing this? I’ve started to apply this to when things aren’t going so well too. If you do bad on a test you deserve your 24 hour mourning period but at that point there is nothing you can do. You can’t go back and change how you studied, what you studied, or the answers you filled in. So why dwell on it?

Say you don’t get the work study job you really wanted? There’s more out there! I promise there is going to be something else out there. From my personal experience I have found that every time something has not worked out for me in the way I wanted I end up getting something even better in the long run.

I’ve definitely mentioned it before but it is so important to keep a positive state of mind going into anything. If you go into your next job interview with the feeling of not being good enough it’s going to show in your body language. If you’re constantly thinking you’re not going to be good enough, your interviewer is going to see you in the same light.

So give yourself 24 hours, your feelings are valid but don’t let yourself dwell on it! You can still be in your feelings after 24 hours you just can’t let your negative thoughts consume you!

Photo from: http://spiritualcleansing.org/it-does-not-do-to-dwell-on-dreams-and-forget-to-live/

Let me know how you shake off any bad juju in the comments!