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What I’m Reading: Monday Mornings


I was assigned to read Monday Mornings by Sanjay Gupta for my PT Professionalism class and I absolutely loved it. It’s follows seven doctors through their Monday morning meetings, called Morbidity & Mortality, or more affectionately known as M&Ms. The purpose of M&Ms is that from every mistake a lesson can be learned, and what better way to teach that lesson than by having the guilty party on trial in front of their peers.

I felt like this was a book version of Grey’s Anatomy. While there’s less romances in the book you still feel like you’re in the middle of all of the drama. This book has everything from dating in the workplace to that intern you just really want to see success (still crying over O’Malley).

While I found the whole book interesting, I flew through the last 30ish pages. Gutpa throws plot twist over plot twist in the final scenes and the book simply wouldn’t have been the same without them. That’s what really reminded me of Grey’s, it’s as if Shonda had read the original book and told him, “oh no you definitely need to add a major life event to every character the reader could have gotten attached to.”

As I mentioned earlier, this was a book I read for class so I wanted to share a valuable lesson I had learned from it. While an intern was frantically trying to write down the lesson a doctor said, “Don’t worry about writing this stuff down. Just immerse yourself in the situation and you will never forget.” I know I often fall into the habit of writing every word my teachers are saying but there is some truth to this. Experience often teaches you much more than you could ever learn from a book.

Happy reading!