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WDW Packing List

It’s no secret my blog has turned into a mini Disney travel blog as I’m counting down the days until I leave for my trip! Today I wanted to share with you my must haves for a trip to Disney!

WDW Packing

But the one thing I can’t travel without- a book! It’s a great way to pass time in the airport, on the plane, and during some downtime. When we used to go to Florida during the school year I took James and the Giant Peach with me as that was what our class was reading. It took a plane ride and a few days riding the bus to the parks but I finished the book and then finished another one on the way home. When I got back to school my teacher explained they didn’t get quite as far as she had expected… they were on chapter two.

Speaking of books I’ll have a new What I’m Reading up tomorrow! I have finally put together my review for Crazy Rich Asians and I’ve already rented the next two from the library!

Let me know what you can’t travel without in the comments below!

Have a magical day!