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My January Challenges

On my way to go get a new read!

This January I’m participating in two fun challenges! The first is the Winter Warrior Challenge. This means that every day in the month of January I’m walking/jogging/running/hopping at least 3 miles! I’ve done this for the past three years but I’ve only done 1 mile a day. This year I have my eyes on the prize with three, although there are some people out there doing five!

The other challenge I set for myself is on Goodreads, I’ll be reading 30 books this year! I set the goal of 13 books last year and I ended up reading 15! Between incorporating reading into my everyday routine and not being in school this summer I can’t wait to achieve this goal!

So how’s it going? Four days into the New Year and I’m still in the newlywed phase. Starting the walking challenge was a little difficult and I was lacking all motivation but now that I’ve started I want to see it through. As for my reading challenge: I’ve already finished one. I’ve even found a way to tie these two things together: by walking the 2 miles to the library to pick up new books.

I know there’s a lot of stigma about creating resolutions but I personally feel like if you’re really making a resolution to better yourself and it’s something you’re passionate about, keep going! Don’t let the jokes about how full the gym is this week deter you, you deserve that elliptical as much as anyone else.

What goals and challenges have you set up for yourself this year? Let me know in the comments!



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My New Years Resolution 2018

IMG_7750Happy New Year!

What a better lifestyle post to start out with today than my goals for this upcoming year! I know not everyone is into New Years Resolutions because you can make changes anytime of year but I think there is something special about saying you will do something all year and then following through with it.

The main three goals I have for this year are…

  1. Trying new things. This was a goal I made for myself in 2017 and I think I have achieved it but so many great things have come from going outside of my comfort zone that I feel like it is a valuable resolution for 2018. Whether it’s meeting new people or trying new food,  I’m making this the year of pushing outside my bubble.
  2. Be smarter with my money. I love clothes, don’t we all. But I found that in the last few months of 2017 I was using my debit card too much. I used to be really good at not using my debit card and only paying for things in cash and I definitely need to get back into that mode. It’s so much easier to swipe your card because you never see how much money is getting taken out. When I use cash I am way less likely to spend the money especially if it means I will be breaking a larger bill. Another little goal I have within this resolution is to do the $5 challenge again. I tried it this year but as I mentioned earlier I did not do as well at using cash so it kind of fell flat and I only ended up saving $40.  The $5 challenge is anytime you spend money if you get a $5 bill you put it in a special wallet and then at the end of the year you can treat yourself to something nice or put it in your savings.
  3. Take more time for myself. I started to do this halfway through the end of the semester and I am so glad I did. One of the ways I take time for myself if by setting time aside to read. Instead of checking Instagram right when I get up I read a chapter or two. Another thing I plan to do is yoga. I want to do yoga 5/7 days a week. Whether it’s a quick sun salutation or a longer flow I think yoga is a great way to stay mindful.

I hope you guys enjoyed a look at my resolutions, if you’re making a list leave one or two resolutions/goals in the comments!