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My Study Tips

College is different than high school in so many ways, one of the biggest differences is in study habits. In high school I procrastinated, I mean who doesn’t. In college my motto is to stay ahead of the game. I always start working on assignments as soon as I get them because you’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: cramming doesn’t work! Even if you cram and are able to get an A on your assignment I doubt you’ll be able to recall that information in the future.

Actually learn it…

This is a continuation of the cramming idea, learning the material makes your life so much easier. I’m going to school to become a physical therapist. Part of our curriculum is human anatomy and physiology as undergrads and then clinical anatomy as grad students. human A&P is much like clinical in that in the fall semester you have two practicals: one of bones and one on muscles. The clinical one is a little more in depth but it’s not like the names of the bones change. One of the biggest reasons I started weeks in advance studying for my practicals last year because this is information I’m going to need for the rest of my life. Who wants a physical therapist that has no idea what muscles attach to which bones? All that studying will also pay off when it comes time for me to take clinical anatomy, I won’t have to waste time relearning all the origins and insertions, I’ll just have to do a little recall.

Study as if you have a cheat sheet…

If you had one piece of paper to take with you into a test what would you put on it. I think this is such a great way to study because it gets you to look at the key ideas as well as the things you don’t know as well. I would advise you to make this sheet a few days in advance so that in addition to studying your notes you have a simplified version you can take with you and glance at in between classes.

Make flashcards…

I know this one isn’t for everyone but I love flashcards. They’re great for learning vocabulary words and they are also super easy to carry around with you for studying in between classes.

Apply it to your life…

This is one that I’m going to relate to anatomy as well. Sometimes if I could not remember what a muscle did for the life of me I would think of a dance move that fit with that muscle’s action. The most memorable one I used was that the sartorius muscle in the muscle used for figure 4s (a stretch we did when I ran cross country/track in high school) or a pirouette in dance.

Good luck with exams!