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What I’m Reading: The Magnolia Story


If you love Fixer Upper you will adore The Magnolia Story. 

The unique thing about this book is that it is mainly in Joanna’s voice and they use a different font for when Chip jumps in. That was probably my favorite part of the book, it felt just like what they come across as on their show. Their book has the same voice that they have when they are on TV. Although they had Mark Dagostino help them, you can tell they were very active in this process.

Something that may surprise you, it certainly surprised me, was that life has not always been smooth sailing for the Gaines. They’ve had a bumpy road that only makes you root for them even more. They stay true to their values when they’re thriving and when they’re surviving.

I was also surprised by how many business ventures Chip has been on. Reading Capital Gaines is definitely on my to do list.

This book definitely wants to make you move down south, flip houses, and live on a farm  without a TV. Chip and Joanna make life seem fun. Even when they were at low points they found ways to make it work and enjoy the process.

While I was in the middle of the book they announced that they are having a 5th kid! While I’m disappointed they are taking a break from Fixer Upper I’m excited to see what new things are coming for Magnolia.

If you need a book to keep you entertained during the Fixer Upper hiatus, The Magnolia Story is your next read!

Happy reading!