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Wellness Wednesday: Hiking

Today’s Wellness Wednesday is all about getting outside! One of my friends and I have made the goal of going out every Sunday morning and walking around. This is something we used to do with both of our families and we thought it would fun to do around here.

Here is my list of places to go in Western MA and Central MA:

  1. Mount Tom, Holyoke MA

    It was my goal last year that I would go to Mt. Tom before the end of the school year. Three days before finals started we finally made it out there and it was so worth it! Since Mt. Tom is not too far from where I go to school it’s kinda one of those “Do you even go here if you haven’t been to the America rock?” things. If you’re looking to go and you want to make it to the America rock park your car at Mt. Joe to Go in Holyoke and tae the trail right across the street! Just a warning, part of the trail to get there is steep. There are other trails that are more moderate. I’m counting down the days until the snow is gone so I can go back!

  2. Robinson State Park, Agawam/Feeding Hills MA

    This isn’t a mountain but the views are so beautiful! I went there two weeks ago and it was such a nice spot. My favorite thing was looking out over the Westfield River. We were there for 2 hours and mainly stayed on the green trail but you could easily spend hours walking around all the different trails.
  3. Up next is Wachusett Mountain, Princeton/Westminster MA. There was a point in time where my family would go to Wachusett Mountain every weekend to walk. The Pine Hill Trail is the easiest to go up but there are so many other paths too, you can also go up just the ski trails or take the road. My favorite time I went walking there was in 2008 after we had a really bad ice storm. We walked up the road and there were tried with branches iced to the ground. It was such an unreal sight, it looked like we were in a movie. Fun fact I went to Junior Ranger Camp there and years later I had my junior prom there!

Here is a list of other places to go in Western MA. These were all posted in my school’s Wellness Complex and are on my list of places to go:

  • Bare Mountain, Amherst MA (moderate)
  • Mount Sugarloaf, South Deerfield MA (difficult)
  • Mount Holyoke, Hadley MA (difficult)