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My Friday Faves: Vol. XI

Here is this week’s Friday Faves! This week is all about back to school! Let me know what your campus must haves are in the comments! Feel free to click on the link above which will take you to any of the things I mentioned!

Happy Friday!



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Wellness Wednesday: Musical Movement

Today’s Wellness Wednesday is the most light hearted workout ever featured on here. It’s intended to make you smile while you’re suffering. Without any further ado I present to you, the Whipped Into Shape Workout!IMG_3327

This workout is inspired by the musical Legally Blonde. If you haven’t seen it you can watch the full Broadway show here but if you don’t have time for that at least check out this clip of the song you’ll be working out to in a few minutes here!

My college did this musical last year and as a dancer we had a full on workout to this song that we had to do and make it look effortless!It was so much fun but so exhausting at the same time.

So here’s my challenge for you:

  • Jump rope to the full song!
  • Whenever there is a speaking break hold a plank or do some pushups.
  • If you find that super easy start adding in little jump roping tricks like jumping on one foot, crossing your arms, or doing a double jump. You can also substitute burpees for the plank/push ups!

I hope you guys find this as entertaining as I did! Let me know how you made out!

Keep jumping!