How I Stay Organized

I’ve had an agenda since my school gave every student one in the fourth grade, but I didn’t really start using one to help me stay organized until I reached junior high. I remember in sixth grade I would still be forgetting to bring my homework home even though my teacher made sure we wrote our homework in our agendas.

In junior high I got a little better, but all I really cared about was how cute my agenda was. The biggest improvement organization-wise was that I made a separate column of all of the books I needed to bring home each night. I never forgot my homework again!

Now, I plan my whole life in there! I use the calendar to map out dates that I have tests, club meetings, and other fun plans. Then I usually fill in homework assignments and block out study time in the weekly pages. Once I finish a task I go through and highlight it off my list, I love the sense of satisfaction after finishing something… and highlighter looks way nicer! I also try to block out my days in the Lilly pages below! Then I can plan my day by the hour (and cross it out once it’s done of course!). I found these pages a year ago at the Paperstore and I think they’re just as valuable as the agenda itself.

Another thing I love to help me stay on track is this DIY picture frame turned whiteboard. I put in two pictures of my friends and then I put in two pieces of scrapbook paper I found at Michaels. I call it my To Do/Tomorrow frame. I use a dry erase marker to write my To Do list on one frame and then I write out everything I need to get done the next day. This helps me when it’s 11pm and I need to see if I can push an assignment off until tomorrow or when it’s 7pm and I try to get a head start on tomorrow’s list.


My last way to stay organized is through sticky notes! They are my favorite, so much so that my friends and family usually get me some for my birthday. I mainly use them as a way to remind myself to pick something up or to stop and get something in between classes. Look at these cute ones my best friend got me this year! She knows me too well!

IMG_5193 2

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Happy Tuesday!

I hope everyone is having a great time shopping the Lilly sale! I’m always looking for a good deal and the After Party Sale is certainly a good deal.

I made the mistake of refreshing my browser at 8:01 and was the  27,459th person in line.

My goal for my first lap around the sale was to find a cute pair of buttercup shorts. Next summer my family’s going back to Disney and I can’t wait to wear these at Magic Kingdom! I’m also looking for cute Lilly Minnie Mouse ears (preferably in Oh My Guava) so if you have any suggestions drop them in the comments below! Then I went looking for a dress that I had tried on in store the day before (the Roxi). And while I was browsing the pages I made an impulse decision to get the Courtney dress, the back was just too cute!

This morning I figured what could possibly go wrong if I log in again just to see what was added… What could go wrong was me adding another dress to my cart. The details on the Mila dress were just so cute I had to add it to my cart. I saw this one in the store too and was disappointed when I couldn’t find it yesterday. Then I had to log out before I did too much damage, a lot of the styles that were added last night/this morning were adorable.


I can’t wait to try everything on! Comment below what you guys scored from the sale!


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Introducing Me

Hey hey hey!

I just wanted to do a little introductory post before I get into blogging. I am about to start my junior year in a six year physical therapy program. So crazy to think I’m almost halfway there! I also have two minors- dance and rehab & disability studies (with a concentration in pediatrics).

It’s not all studying though- I’ve become involved in a to of awesome groups on campus. Last spring I got my first taste at choreographing in our dance club’s annual concert. This year I am looking forward  to my role as a co-chair for off campus events for the Rachel’s Challenge group.

One of my biggest goals for this blog is to share a little bit of my daily life with a focus on style.  I would describe my personal style as preppy and I’m always looking for classic, timeless pieces to add to my closet.